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Defending Bull Moose Tube’s Lawsuit Against the City


           Defending Bull Moose Tube’s Lawsuit Against the City


The City has a fiscal responsibility to taxpayers to be responsible stewards of community resources. For decades, Bull Moose has occupied more than 11 acres of public property and a 100,000-square foot public building for only $4,600 per year without a valid lease. The City was negotiating with Bull Moose for a fair deal when, without warning, Bull Moose sued the City. The City then had to defend the lawsuit and as part of its defense, brought its own claims, including its claim for its attorneys’ fees for defending Bull Moose’s lawsuit. Recently, the Franklin County Circuit Court decided the case for Bull Moose. The City has appealed and is optimistic about its chances of reversing that decision.

You may have recently seen in the media information that the City is struggling with debt from its defense of the Bull Moose lawsuit. Such reports are untrue. The City is meeting its obligations on its bills. Furthermore, the City hopes to ultimately recover its attorneys’ fees from Bull Moose. In any event, the final cost of defending Bull Moose’s lawsuit remains to be determined.